Buying Chanel without having to sell your soul

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When we are in Europe, you can treat clothes as antiques. Just like you can bounce a beautiful Louis XV style chair in a flea market, you can go clothes hunting in some great spots in town. When we talk about Paris, everyone goes straight ahead to the Marais, as it is just the place to be, where all the fashion buzz happens, where you see Galliano drinking a few shots and saying whatever, or you can even cross Scott, the Sartorialist and be shot for his fabulous blog. Being so, I have never thought that downhill of Montmartre I would find my vintage shop!!Yeah, mine, because I have to go there once a week for some obvious reasons. First, I love the owner, she is a cool American with a great musical taste (as you can hear while you re shopping), and says whatever comes to her mind. I love people with this attitude. Second, you don’t feel the clothes came from the basement of a house in the country, it is just so clean, well taken care of, organized and most important of all: prices!

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For me the concept of a vintage shop is having fun without spending much, but I had lost all my hopes strolling in the Marais as honestly, you are charged the price of a new thing with the following excuse: it’s rare! Come on!!I saw this fabulous yellow Versace jacket in this shop, which unfortunately didn’t fit me, for 60 Euros. If you still think it’s expensive, what about a pair of Chanel black pants for 12 bucks. Really?? Let’s be honest, the owner is not paying me for writing this article. She doesn’t even know about it. I just felt like sharing, because it is indeed a great place to visit if you live or stop by Paris. And also, if you have cool stuff, she will buy from you and you can take cash or change. Thanks for the exchanging thing, I have a new fabulous Marc Jacobs LBD!!


The name of the shop is Chine Machine and its address: 100 rue des Martyrs (metro abesses).

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And my skin so soft

Do cosmetics really work?? I have no idea, to be honest, but I must confess I m addicted to them. I don’t have a very faithful love story with them as I am constantly changing and trying new things. Let’s take a look at my new list:

Huile de Caudalie

Yeah, I bought it when I arrived in France and I love the parfum and it s not a greasy oil at all. You can use it all over, body, face and hair. I love putting a small amount and spread it through the ends of my hair, it smells so good and the effect is wonderful, it just shines.

Eye firming Mary Kay

I try so many things for the eye area and I couldn’t find anything better than the eye firming from Mary Kay. Just a small amount with slight tapping around the eyes and you look great. It’s a great deal when you wake up in misery.


This is my product fetishe. I know it is expensive, that s why I have a warehouse of it with me, but I dare someone trying one single product of the brand and say it is not good. Impossible> I have the oil that goes great with dump hair, the shampooing, the conditioner and the mascara. I recommend everything.

One thing I love about French drugstores is the generosity on handling samples to clients. As I have become BFF with the lady on the drugstore on the corner, I get loads of them. This is great as I can discover so many great products for free.


As beautiful as the fashion capital may be, it really has the power to destroy your skin, so I can easily change from a oil skin (that I used to have in Rio) to a very dry skin. So no I pay a lot of attention to the knees and elbow area. This super mosturiser has 10% of urea and the hydrating effect is imediat. The bonus: it’s really cheap.

Clay mask Cattier

I love clay masks. My skin feels great after it and I love the moment of waiting till it starts acting. The good thing about this mask is that you don’t have to make the mix and calculate the perfect amount of water and clay, it’s just ready. It comes in a tube and you just have to press it. Another product that won’t hurt your pocket.


Day after day I discover that Bioderma is a great brand with great prices. The so famous delicate lotion used as a make up remover is of course on the list, but you should also try the daily cleansing gel and the shampooing. The daily cleansing is very delicate, but you really feel your skin clean after using it, using on a daily basis will avoid you having those annoying blackheads. The shampooing is meant to be very delicated as well, you will notice it takes some time to create the foam, and maybe you need to use a bigger amount than a regular one, but it’s worth.

So, those are my new discoveries for now, let’s see what will come up next.

Fashion and the city

I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last catch up on this blog, but I have been super busy dealing with decoration and organization. I finally decided to settle down in Paris and I’m glad I did so.

So what is the city up to fashionably speaking ? On my very first week, I went to this beautiful exhibition in the city hall called « Haute Cuture » . I had the pleasure to see beautiful Galliano’s, Valentino’s (and there was a red one ohhh), Dior’s, etc etc. The most amazing thing is that I think this must be one the only cities in the world to organize this kind of exhibition in a political place. I think this is awesome.

Some days later I was walking on the streets and I saw this beautiful garden. I stopped a little to see the flowers and a man who was dressed like a security guard, just like the M.I.B’s guys asked : why don’t you go inside to see the rest of the exhibition ? And I said : Oh, a flower exhibition !!! And he said : no, It’s Chanel n. 5 exhibition !!!!!

And there I was with those beautiful images of mademoiselle Coco and all the history that came along with her life. The exhibition is divided in three parts. First you see the garden with the flowers that inspired the creation of the parfum, second you get audio guides and you go through pictures and objects that somehow were part of the creation of the so famous parfum, and finally you watch short movies with the superstars that once were the N.5 girls, such as Catherine Deneuve.

Those were two great gifts that this sometimes weird, sometimes nice city offered me on my fist days as a resident. Summer is coming, everyone is talking about vacation and it’s funny that for me it sounds like vacation yet. It s not that obvious to leave your hometown, cross a huge ocean and start your life from scratch on a culture so far apart from yours, somehow. I have this thing, this Italian thing I took from my family to talk with my hands, to put a lot of emotion on everything and sometimes I see people observing how my hands move up in the air. Well, unfortunately for these people and fortunately for me, I won’t change, they will have to cope with me!!