The pirate look


Andrea Zigonne, interior designer, Rio de Janeiro


The alpargatas and the nautic shirt



I have to admit that I used to turn my nose against alpargatas or espadrilles as French people say. I used to find them unfashionable and way too much relaxed. When my trip to Buenos Aires was set, I got a pair of them just for the confort to travel in a airplane, as I travel economic as most of the mortals, but I still keep my pride on behaving like a lady (this means, I don’t take my shoes off). I have to say, they’ve become my new darlings in my not small shoe’s closet.

The impression you have is like you are walking bare foot and if you mix them well you can have a great look. For my last day in the porteno city, I chose to mix them with another darling “the nautical t-shirt”. Many people hate them, but for those, I have to say I love them from the bottom of my heart.

It has all started with Chanel, when she was once in a weekned in Biarritz and saw how cool the stripes worn by fishermen were and she decided to get it in her look. Nowadays, it’s a worldwide fever, and it is never out of fashion. When I chose this look, I decided to wear the long black skirt to give a little bit of seriousness otherwise i would be too informal.

For the alpargatas, try them with a nice shirt and short jeans, or boyfriend jeans. They look perfect and as summer is coming in some months in some parts of the globe, they are a great thing to think about. In argentine there is one of the best brands to buy them, and I guess you can find them elsewhere as was. I will make another post about it.

And Chanel, just look at the picture she has nautical shirt and alpargatas, but I swear I didn’t copy her, but even if I had who doesn’t like to copy mademoiselle!!

if you caught yourself falling in love


I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I went on an incredible trip to Argentina and Uruguay and internet wasn’t accesible all the time. Although, I will share with you along the week my impressions on these amazings places and how fashion and cool stuff is inserted in their context.

On the boat I took to Uruguay, I was surprised to see they had a huge duty free store and the moment I casted my eyes on the sunglasses section, there it was, my prada barroque! They were there, like waving, telling me “buy me”, I belong to you, take me home, but I couldn’t, so my boyfriend just took a picture to register the moment and I’m still trying to come to terms with it ­čÖé

Prada Barroque sunglasses are in my heart since I first saw them on a Vogue (yeah, I know it is so last season and I don’t think fashion is about season, so I don’t care). For me they are the kind of sunglasses that would be fashionable forever, and get the status of vintage easily. I just found myself caught in love.



Shine shine like a star


Some people just don’t need hours and hours in the closet to look fabulous. They just wear a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket and it seems like they’ve spent hours and hours preparing that look. Why does it happen to some people and not everyone? Why some people would look like a bit sloppy in an outfit like that? It’s all about the personality. It is indeed what catch people’s attention. You may be wearing Chanel head to toe and nothing really happen, while some people may be wearing H&M or any other fast fashion brand and we have the impression all lights turn to them.

The girl in the picture is a great example. Look how classy she looks, wouldn’t you stare at a woman like that (in case you re a boy, you would of course, and girls too, because we do like to observe the pretty girls).

Milena de Barquin, Violin Player (The Violon Girl), Belgium.

The world at your feet


Louboutin himself has said that they are his favorite shoes, the coolest movie stars were caught in paparazzi photos wearing them during vacation time, nowadays you can find more than 80 models sold all over the world. Yes, we are talking about the great Havaianas.

You can choose from a very cheap model till a very sophisticated one with cristal stones sold in expensive stores such as The Galeries Lafayette.

The idea of wearing them is associated with┬áBrazilian identity – youthful, happy, relaxed, stylish and most of all comfortable. We can create great looks wearing them, we don’t need to be trapped at the beachwear.

The very stylish girl in the pic can prove it well. Look at how awesome she looks in her clean look wearing her Havaianas.

Andrea Zigone, Interior designer and Visual Merchandiser – B├║zios – Rio de Janeiro