The object(s) of my affection

I bet I am not the only girl in the world to have a wish list of cool, trendy objects that one would die for. Mine, of course, keep on growing, some I had luckily achieved and voila, ladies and gentleman my tiny, little vanities.

Why not a Toulouse Lautrec ion my living room wall, an original, not the ones you buy on gift shops for Tourists in Paris


Why not having my exclusive chef to cook for me and my beau little delices every day.;and please he should do the dishes afterwards


What about play “i don’t care”and after years away from dancing, go knock on Pina’s company and try an audition


….if it doesn’t work, I could be fine with a Guarneri (because i m not a Strad girl anyway) playing “twinkle, twinkle little star on the subway”


What if I could have all the colors on repetto’s urban flats (yeah Kate Moss, I’m coming and my collection will be bigger than yours)


A pair of Loubies, because it should be forbidden in this world not to have a pair of red soles

Louboutin 2

A mini cooper as I want to hunt bad guys just like Charlize did in Italian Job


Prada Baroque sunglasses, just to look cool in my mini


A Birkin bag to hide my gun inside and play an elegant woman to the bad guys I would hunt with my mini


Let’s say I got tired to hunt bad guys and I decided to take a rest in the famous red chair by the Campana’s brothers


An Eli Saab dress, as this guy understands the body of a woman as a sculpture


To set the scene why not a classical Chanel bag and Just un clou by Cartier (yeah yeah this bracelet is giving me nightmares as I know it will disappear and I won’t have the budget to have it :p Hellooo Cartier out there, you should offer one to this blogger here)



Now, let’s say i am all set to take a coffee in a cafe on Rue de Rivoli and while I am there a guy on a motorcycle comes and handle s me a letter saying “board a train to Venice, pick out a man, and make the police believe that this decoy is myself”.. Good, good, good, I’m all set and I pick the guy on the image bellow (who cares about Angelina?)


And to have my happy ending a black Amex so I would be able to afford all that above


….than I wake up with Michael Stipe singing repeatedly the chorus “that was just a dream, a dream..just a dream”


It won’t be necessary to say a thing

According to Aristotle art is the realization in external form of a true idea. I love this concept as it amplifies the whole idea and it also gives me a base to consider the creation of a dress, a shirt or a pair of pants as art. We actually don’t have to be academic to come to terms with that, I won’t have to say much, just take a look at the pictures of Maison Dior in its open door’s day and you will understand what I mean.

Fashion and the city

I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last catch up on this blog, but I have been super busy dealing with decoration and organization. I finally decided to settle down in Paris and I’m glad I did so.

So what is the city up to fashionably speaking ? On my very first week, I went to this beautiful exhibition in the city hall called « Haute Cuture » . I had the pleasure to see beautiful Galliano’s, Valentino’s (and there was a red one ohhh), Dior’s, etc etc. The most amazing thing is that I think this must be one the only cities in the world to organize this kind of exhibition in a political place. I think this is awesome.

Some days later I was walking on the streets and I saw this beautiful garden. I stopped a little to see the flowers and a man who was dressed like a security guard, just like the M.I.B’s guys asked : why don’t you go inside to see the rest of the exhibition ? And I said : Oh, a flower exhibition !!! And he said : no, It’s Chanel n. 5 exhibition !!!!!

And there I was with those beautiful images of mademoiselle Coco and all the history that came along with her life. The exhibition is divided in three parts. First you see the garden with the flowers that inspired the creation of the parfum, second you get audio guides and you go through pictures and objects that somehow were part of the creation of the so famous parfum, and finally you watch short movies with the superstars that once were the N.5 girls, such as Catherine Deneuve.

Those were two great gifts that this sometimes weird, sometimes nice city offered me on my fist days as a resident. Summer is coming, everyone is talking about vacation and it’s funny that for me it sounds like vacation yet. It s not that obvious to leave your hometown, cross a huge ocean and start your life from scratch on a culture so far apart from yours, somehow. I have this thing, this Italian thing I took from my family to talk with my hands, to put a lot of emotion on everything and sometimes I see people observing how my hands move up in the air. Well, unfortunately for these people and fortunately for me, I won’t change, they will have to cope with me!!

Gone with the wind..but fashion is still there

Looking for the past is always a source of inspiration for me. Vintage always rules and maybe the concepts just get up to dated! Take a look at those beautiful woman from the past and get inspired.

There comes the bride

And there comes the bride all dressed in white. You can be a taliban feminist, but I bet the thought of wearing a beautiful dress and walk through an aisle has come to your mind. I wonder if Simone de Beauvoir deep inside never thought about that.

The wedding dress is part of the history of many cultures. In the western society, the dress in white as we known it, was a trend created by Queen Victoria when she got married to her beloved Albert. She was heavily criticized, as it was considered not elegant enough for a queen. Truth is that she created a tradition that in westren society that few dare to break and the white color became a simble of purity and tradition.

In other cultures such as in India, the brides wear red since it is associated with the rising sun and it is regarded as the color of a new life.In some Apache tribes the dress is woven by the groom and any men in the village who wished to participate and if we compare with western culture this would be a suicide, as it s said to bring bad luck to have the groom seen the bride’s dress before the wedding.

Time passed and the wedding dress, nowadays, fits the taste of the bride (or rather the family of the bride). Long or short; white or red; it doesn’t matter what part of the globe you are in, but there is always something special to be worn in this day that is said to be the best of many women lives.

Being cured

One of the coolest thing when you go on a trip is to find out places that will be forever in your memory, and under the moonlight (I am not being poetical, it was there indeed), I found this place. There you go, if you are a designer, an architect or you just like being around inspiration, you should visit El drugstore.

Well, the name is interesting and I really tried to find a connection with a drugstore, but I couldn’t. It doesn’t matter, when you realize you are entering in Dali’s dream place to eat. They have nice waiters, a singer that makes the mood really cozy, your food is prepared there, right in front of you as the kitchen is open, but the best is yet to come: the decoration.

I have to admit that I spent most of my time looking at the cool things they had there than the food itself (although it was delicious). How can someone mix japonism, Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn in one single place and make it look fantastic? I was so delighted and inspired that I went to talk to one of the owners and I told him I was going to take some pictures for my blog. Immediately, he showed me some of the drawings hanging on the wall and told me: my son is a fashion designer as well, look at his drawings, and they were great ones.

So, please if you want to feel inspired and if by any chance you re visiting a small village in Uruguay called Colonia del Sacramento go to El Drugstore, but if you don’t want to feel inspired and you just want to eat, go there too, the food is really good.

Portugal 174, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguai