Origami on my wall


What do you guys think of the “origami clock created by the Raw Dezign studio? They were completed produced as a handcraft and are exclusive. I would love to have one to hang on my wall.<a


Buying Chanel without having to sell your soul

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When we are in Europe, you can treat clothes as antiques. Just like you can bounce a beautiful Louis XV style chair in a flea market, you can go clothes hunting in some great spots in town. When we talk about Paris, everyone goes straight ahead to the Marais, as it is just the place to be, where all the fashion buzz happens, where you see Galliano drinking a few shots and saying whatever, or you can even cross Scott, the Sartorialist and be shot for his fabulous blog. Being so, I have never thought that downhill of Montmartre I would find my vintage shop!!Yeah, mine, because I have to go there once a week for some obvious reasons. First, I love the owner, she is a cool American with a great musical taste (as you can hear while you re shopping), and says whatever comes to her mind. I love people with this attitude. Second, you don’t feel the clothes came from the basement of a house in the country, it is just so clean, well taken care of, organized and most important of all: prices!

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For me the concept of a vintage shop is having fun without spending much, but I had lost all my hopes strolling in the Marais as honestly, you are charged the price of a new thing with the following excuse: it’s rare! Come on!!I saw this fabulous yellow Versace jacket in this shop, which unfortunately didn’t fit me, for 60 Euros. If you still think it’s expensive, what about a pair of Chanel black pants for 12 bucks. Really?? Let’s be honest, the owner is not paying me for writing this article. She doesn’t even know about it. I just felt like sharing, because it is indeed a great place to visit if you live or stop by Paris. And also, if you have cool stuff, she will buy from you and you can take cash or change. Thanks for the exchanging thing, I have a new fabulous Marc Jacobs LBD!!


The name of the shop is Chine Machine and its address: 100 rue des Martyrs (metro abesses).

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Dali’s fashion world

The life of Salvador Dali was not only made of surreal dreams, it seems that besides painting pictures and writing movies with Luiz Bunel, he was also a fashion designer.

It is said that his will for designing came from a meeting he had with Coco Chanel and after that he put in his mind he had to explore this “new area”. Of course, he couldn’t be an ordinary pret à porter designer and he wasn’t, as his creations are actually driven to artistic clothes such as the costumes to the theatrical piece, Bacchanale, and for the opera, Tristan Fou. As we can imagine, someone full of great ideas as he was, could just produce amazing things, maybe to crazy to be worn, but who cares? Lady Gaga would maybe be his frequent client.

One of his most famous piece is the Lobster dress created with Elsa Schiaparelli. Adding a little bit more to the story, the dress was shown in 1937 in Vogue by Dali’s favorite “model” Wallis Simpson (yes the divorced woman who shocked England). I don’t know if the model was chosen on purpose, but the painter was well known for using lobsters as an expression of frank and ardent sexuality. So, who knows?????Truth is, the dress is amazing, yeah even with a big lobster I could wear it for the Oscar’s, and it has served as inpiration for many other designers of our generation.

His fashion design side doesn’t end there, he also colaborated with illustrations for Vogue and Harpers’s Bazaar. Let’s wait a bit more and someone will come up with hidden files of his life and we will maybe learn he was something else. The guy was a real creativity box.

Paez: the best alpargatas


As I promised, let me talk about a specific alpargata’s brand: Paez. I had the chance to visit the store in Recoleta’s neighborhood, as I might confess, I fell in love with them.
The brand is the equivalent of the Havainas in Brazil in terms of pride! Their alpargatas are known worldwide and they have teh reputation to be one of the bests in the world.

My first contact with them came from a French friend of mine, who was in concert in Rio de Janeiro, and showed me them on his feet saying that his girlfriend had offered him, and he is crazy searching for more.

If you have the chance to pass by a store, you will see that besides the traditional colors, you have very trendy ones as little skulls, geometrical prints and others. Unfortunatly, I didn’t buy any as I was in a bit of a hurry when I passed by the store, but next time they won’t scape me.

Find your store here: http://www.laspaez.com.ar/


What the water gave me



There is always a fascination around the mysteries hidden under the sea. No wonder underwater fashion editorials have always been a must. Get delighted with a sample of  photos taken by the photographer, Maroussia Podkosova, who is a specialist in underwater photos. You will be able to see that art and fashion walk hand in hand.

Photos by @maroussia podkosova can be seen on: www.maroussiapodkosova.com/