Fashion and the city

I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last catch up on this blog, but I have been super busy dealing with decoration and organization. I finally decided to settle down in Paris and I’m glad I did so.

So what is the city up to fashionably speaking ? On my very first week, I went to this beautiful exhibition in the city hall called « Haute Cuture » . I had the pleasure to see beautiful Galliano’s, Valentino’s (and there was a red one ohhh), Dior’s, etc etc. The most amazing thing is that I think this must be one the only cities in the world to organize this kind of exhibition in a political place. I think this is awesome.

Some days later I was walking on the streets and I saw this beautiful garden. I stopped a little to see the flowers and a man who was dressed like a security guard, just like the M.I.B’s guys asked : why don’t you go inside to see the rest of the exhibition ? And I said : Oh, a flower exhibition !!! And he said : no, It’s Chanel n. 5 exhibition !!!!!

And there I was with those beautiful images of mademoiselle Coco and all the history that came along with her life. The exhibition is divided in three parts. First you see the garden with the flowers that inspired the creation of the parfum, second you get audio guides and you go through pictures and objects that somehow were part of the creation of the so famous parfum, and finally you watch short movies with the superstars that once were the N.5 girls, such as Catherine Deneuve.

Those were two great gifts that this sometimes weird, sometimes nice city offered me on my fist days as a resident. Summer is coming, everyone is talking about vacation and it’s funny that for me it sounds like vacation yet. It s not that obvious to leave your hometown, cross a huge ocean and start your life from scratch on a culture so far apart from yours, somehow. I have this thing, this Italian thing I took from my family to talk with my hands, to put a lot of emotion on everything and sometimes I see people observing how my hands move up in the air. Well, unfortunately for these people and fortunately for me, I won’t change, they will have to cope with me!!


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