There comes the bride

And there comes the bride all dressed in white. You can be a taliban feminist, but I bet the thought of wearing a beautiful dress and walk through an aisle has come to your mind. I wonder if Simone de Beauvoir deep inside never thought about that.

The wedding dress is part of the history of many cultures. In the western society, the dress in white as we known it, was a trend created by Queen Victoria when she got married to her beloved Albert. She was heavily criticized, as it was considered not elegant enough for a queen. Truth is that she created a tradition that in westren society that few dare to break and the white color became a simble of purity and tradition.

In other cultures such as in India, the brides wear red since it is associated with the rising sun and it is regarded as the color of a new life.In some Apache tribes the dress is woven by the groom and any men in the village who wished to participate and if we compare with western culture this would be a suicide, as it s said to bring bad luck to have the groom seen the bride’s dress before the wedding.

Time passed and the wedding dress, nowadays, fits the taste of the bride (or rather the family of the bride). Long or short; white or red; it doesn’t matter what part of the globe you are in, but there is always something special to be worn in this day that is said to be the best of many women lives.


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