Dali’s fashion world

The life of Salvador Dali was not only made of surreal dreams, it seems that besides painting pictures and writing movies with Luiz Bunel, he was also a fashion designer.

It is said that his will for designing came from a meeting he had with Coco Chanel and after that he put in his mind he had to explore this “new area”. Of course, he couldn’t be an ordinary pret à porter designer and he wasn’t, as his creations are actually driven to artistic clothes such as the costumes to the theatrical piece, Bacchanale, and for the opera, Tristan Fou. As we can imagine, someone full of great ideas as he was, could just produce amazing things, maybe to crazy to be worn, but who cares? Lady Gaga would maybe be his frequent client.

One of his most famous piece is the Lobster dress created with Elsa Schiaparelli. Adding a little bit more to the story, the dress was shown in 1937 in Vogue by Dali’s favorite “model” Wallis Simpson (yes the divorced woman who shocked England). I don’t know if the model was chosen on purpose, but the painter was well known for using lobsters as an expression of frank and ardent sexuality. So, who knows?????Truth is, the dress is amazing, yeah even with a big lobster I could wear it for the Oscar’s, and it has served as inpiration for many other designers of our generation.

His fashion design side doesn’t end there, he also colaborated with illustrations for Vogue and Harpers’s Bazaar. Let’s wait a bit more and someone will come up with hidden files of his life and we will maybe learn he was something else. The guy was a real creativity box.


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