Oh, my ballerines

It’s an amazing contradiction when we think about urban ballerinas flat and the ones worn by professionals. The ones we wear on a daily basis are known as very confortable shoes, as on the other hand, the ones worn by the girls in tutus are so hard that can transform their feet in the ugliest thing in the world. Well, guilty! I’m a victim, I don’t really like what they’ve done to my feet, but there is that story of love for art above all!

Fortunatly, the urbans ballerinas are just the opposite and they make you feel so feminine and gracious, as the other ones do, specially if you look for two special brands. I’m talking about Repetto and Porselli. I don’t know which one is better, and I’d rather not saying it, as it would feel like I’m betraying a loved one. It is funny though, that it seems like we are talking about two different schools of ballets, as one is from France and the other is from Italy. But we are still talking about shoes 🙂

Repetto’s ballerines were first created by Rose Repetto in 1947, when her son, who was a ballet dancer in Opera Garnier, asked his mother to fabricate special ballet shoes for him. The idea of urban shoes came years later and everyone desires a pair of them. The brand is also famous to be the one worn by Serge Gainsbourg with his Zizi shoes, a kind of our current oxford style shoes. He would swear by the brand and not wear anything else than that, of course, always on white.

Porsellis are very loved ones as well, as we are talking about shoes produced since 1919 in Milan. They are until today the brand worn by the ballerines at The Scala de Milano. But, they give us the chance to feel great as well by spreading stores around the world keeping the high quality of their products.

If you still turn up your nose for flats, I would give a try (if I were you) by searching the two brands online. If you still think it’s not ellegant, why don’t you take a better look at the pictures and the fabulous woman who made them immortal.


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  1. Les Ballerines | One quality, the finest.

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