Being cured

One of the coolest thing when you go on a trip is to find out places that will be forever in your memory, and under the moonlight (I am not being poetical, it was there indeed), I found this place. There you go, if you are a designer, an architect or you just like being around inspiration, you should visit El drugstore.

Well, the name is interesting and I really tried to find a connection with a drugstore, but I couldn’t. It doesn’t matter, when you realize you are entering in Dali’s dream place to eat. They have nice waiters, a singer that makes the mood really cozy, your food is prepared there, right in front of you as the kitchen is open, but the best is yet to come: the decoration.

I have to admit that I spent most of my time looking at the cool things they had there than the food itself (although it was delicious). How can someone mix japonism, Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn in one single place and make it look fantastic? I was so delighted and inspired that I went to talk to one of the owners and I told him I was going to take some pictures for my blog. Immediately, he showed me some of the drawings hanging on the wall and told me: my son is a fashion designer as well, look at his drawings, and they were great ones.

So, please if you want to feel inspired and if by any chance you re visiting a small village in Uruguay called Colonia del Sacramento go to El Drugstore, but if you don’t want to feel inspired and you just want to eat, go there too, the food is really good.

Portugal 174, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguai


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