Paez: the best alpargatas


As I promised, let me talk about a specific alpargata’s brand: Paez. I had the chance to visit the store in Recoleta’s neighborhood, as I might confess, I fell in love with them.
The brand is the equivalent of the Havainas in Brazil in terms of pride! Their alpargatas are known worldwide and they have teh reputation to be one of the bests in the world.

My first contact with them came from a French friend of mine, who was in concert in Rio de Janeiro, and showed me them on his feet saying that his girlfriend had offered him, and he is crazy searching for more.

If you have the chance to pass by a store, you will see that besides the traditional colors, you have very trendy ones as little skulls, geometrical prints and others. Unfortunatly, I didn’t buy any as I was in a bit of a hurry when I passed by the store, but next time they won’t scape me.

Find your store here:



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