if you caught yourself falling in love


I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I went on an incredible trip to Argentina and Uruguay and internet wasn’t accesible all the time. Although, I will share with you along the week my impressions on these amazings places and how fashion and cool stuff is inserted in their context.

On the boat I took to Uruguay, I was surprised to see they had a huge duty free store and the moment I casted my eyes on the sunglasses section, there it was, my prada barroque! They were there, like waving, telling me “buy me”, I belong to you, take me home, but I couldn’t, so my boyfriend just took a picture to register the moment and I’m still trying to come to terms with it 🙂

Prada Barroque sunglasses are in my heart since I first saw them on a Vogue (yeah, I know it is so last season and I don’t think fashion is about season, so I don’t care). For me they are the kind of sunglasses that would be fashionable forever, and get the status of vintage easily. I just found myself caught in love.




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