Dare to be different



Since when inpiration needs to be a pattern? I have the impression creativity has reached a point where everyone follows the same line and people just don’t dare to be different. I was checking the Paris Fashion Week reviews on the internet to write a post, and I got the impression that every collection (and I’m talking about different designers) was pretty much telling the same thing. 

It seems like a dictatorship where everyone should wear the same thing. Is it really a good idea to get consultancy work from trend sites? How about the time where designers were inspired by their inner being and not getting the inspiration through reports? That is the real art for me.

On the mood of searching for the different, there was Beth Ditto who came to my mind again. I like this girl so very much! She is so original on the way she wears and how she sees herself to the world that she became a fashion icon and names such as Karl and Gaultier got inspired by her.. An average girl in her shoes, I’m talking about size and height, would be completly out of the “fashion circle” and for her, it just doesn’t seem to be a problem! It’s actually the last thing you think about her. 

Of course she is beautiful, talented and owner of a great taste, but what makes the world sees her as an icon, well, that was her attitude. So, if you feel like dying your hair red or green, and have a tattoo, I have one message for you: go ahead, be happy and keep the attitude as no Chanel bag or Louboutin’s shoes can make a low attitude girl stand up!


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