Stealing my boyfriend’s jeans


 Some people just need to dress whatever comes out of the closet and they look fabulous, as I am not tired of repeating it over and over again. Of course, this is the case of the person in this picture, as she carries the lifestyle of a “carioca” and fashion roots in her blood (her mother was the marketing boss for Guess in Brazil). But, let’s take advantage of her great look and try to get some inspiration for our daily fashion routine.

It’s so obvious that we cannot get dressed everyday as the girls we see in Vogue, fashion editorials or even blogs as this one you are reading now. Sometimes it’s a matter of  time and energy to try to be creative day after day on what to wear, So, we don’t have to be on expensive clothes or break up our minds to look cool. Sometimes a small thing makes a huge difference.

For instance, I love wearing black (yeah, I’m a bit of Frida Giannini from Gucci) and to avoid the “funeral look” head to toe, I usually wear bright colors shoes with! Like super bright yellow ballerines (that would make my boyfriend be embarrassed to walk with me), and I always have  great results. Tryingo colorful necklaces is also a plus.

If the case is white t-shirt and jeans, try something a bit cooler, as Julia did in the picture, great boyfriend pants to scape from the usual jeans and shoes to die for. You will look fabulous.

Julia Salvatore, student, Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro


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