Oh, my ballerines

It’s an amazing contradiction when we think about urban ballerinas flat and the ones worn by professionals. The ones we wear on a daily basis are known as very confortable shoes, as on the other hand, the ones worn by the girls in tutus are so hard that can transform their feet in the ugliest thing in the world. Well, guilty! I’m a victim, I don’t really like what they’ve done to my feet, but there is that story of love for art above all!

Fortunatly, the urbans ballerinas are just the opposite and they make you feel so feminine and gracious, as the other ones do, specially if you look for two special brands. I’m talking about Repetto and Porselli. I don’t know which one is better, and I’d rather not saying it, as it would feel like I’m betraying a loved one. It is funny though, that it seems like we are talking about two different schools of ballets, as one is from France and the other is from Italy. But we are still talking about shoes 🙂

Repetto’s ballerines were first created by Rose Repetto in 1947, when her son, who was a ballet dancer in Opera Garnier, asked his mother to fabricate special ballet shoes for him. The idea of urban shoes came years later and everyone desires a pair of them. The brand is also famous to be the one worn by Serge Gainsbourg with his Zizi shoes, a kind of our current oxford style shoes. He would swear by the brand and not wear anything else than that, of course, always on white.

Porsellis are very loved ones as well, as we are talking about shoes produced since 1919 in Milan. They are until today the brand worn by the ballerines at The Scala de Milano. But, they give us the chance to feel great as well by spreading stores around the world keeping the high quality of their products.

If you still turn up your nose for flats, I would give a try (if I were you) by searching the two brands online. If you still think it’s not ellegant, why don’t you take a better look at the pictures and the fabulous woman who made them immortal.


Being cured

One of the coolest thing when you go on a trip is to find out places that will be forever in your memory, and under the moonlight (I am not being poetical, it was there indeed), I found this place. There you go, if you are a designer, an architect or you just like being around inspiration, you should visit El drugstore.

Well, the name is interesting and I really tried to find a connection with a drugstore, but I couldn’t. It doesn’t matter, when you realize you are entering in Dali’s dream place to eat. They have nice waiters, a singer that makes the mood really cozy, your food is prepared there, right in front of you as the kitchen is open, but the best is yet to come: the decoration.

I have to admit that I spent most of my time looking at the cool things they had there than the food itself (although it was delicious). How can someone mix japonism, Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn in one single place and make it look fantastic? I was so delighted and inspired that I went to talk to one of the owners and I told him I was going to take some pictures for my blog. Immediately, he showed me some of the drawings hanging on the wall and told me: my son is a fashion designer as well, look at his drawings, and they were great ones.

So, please if you want to feel inspired and if by any chance you re visiting a small village in Uruguay called Colonia del Sacramento go to El Drugstore, but if you don’t want to feel inspired and you just want to eat, go there too, the food is really good.

Portugal 174, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguai

Paez: the best alpargatas


As I promised, let me talk about a specific alpargata’s brand: Paez. I had the chance to visit the store in Recoleta’s neighborhood, as I might confess, I fell in love with them.
The brand is the equivalent of the Havainas in Brazil in terms of pride! Their alpargatas are known worldwide and they have teh reputation to be one of the bests in the world.

My first contact with them came from a French friend of mine, who was in concert in Rio de Janeiro, and showed me them on his feet saying that his girlfriend had offered him, and he is crazy searching for more.

If you have the chance to pass by a store, you will see that besides the traditional colors, you have very trendy ones as little skulls, geometrical prints and others. Unfortunatly, I didn’t buy any as I was in a bit of a hurry when I passed by the store, but next time they won’t scape me.

Find your store here: http://www.laspaez.com.ar/


The alpargatas and the nautic shirt



I have to admit that I used to turn my nose against alpargatas or espadrilles as French people say. I used to find them unfashionable and way too much relaxed. When my trip to Buenos Aires was set, I got a pair of them just for the confort to travel in a airplane, as I travel economic as most of the mortals, but I still keep my pride on behaving like a lady (this means, I don’t take my shoes off). I have to say, they’ve become my new darlings in my not small shoe’s closet.

The impression you have is like you are walking bare foot and if you mix them well you can have a great look. For my last day in the porteno city, I chose to mix them with another darling “the nautical t-shirt”. Many people hate them, but for those, I have to say I love them from the bottom of my heart.

It has all started with Chanel, when she was once in a weekned in Biarritz and saw how cool the stripes worn by fishermen were and she decided to get it in her look. Nowadays, it’s a worldwide fever, and it is never out of fashion. When I chose this look, I decided to wear the long black skirt to give a little bit of seriousness otherwise i would be too informal.

For the alpargatas, try them with a nice shirt and short jeans, or boyfriend jeans. They look perfect and as summer is coming in some months in some parts of the globe, they are a great thing to think about. In argentine there is one of the best brands to buy them, and I guess you can find them elsewhere as was. I will make another post about it.

And Chanel, just look at the picture she has nautical shirt and alpargatas, but I swear I didn’t copy her, but even if I had who doesn’t like to copy mademoiselle!!

if you caught yourself falling in love


I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I went on an incredible trip to Argentina and Uruguay and internet wasn’t accesible all the time. Although, I will share with you along the week my impressions on these amazings places and how fashion and cool stuff is inserted in their context.

On the boat I took to Uruguay, I was surprised to see they had a huge duty free store and the moment I casted my eyes on the sunglasses section, there it was, my prada barroque! They were there, like waving, telling me “buy me”, I belong to you, take me home, but I couldn’t, so my boyfriend just took a picture to register the moment and I’m still trying to come to terms with it 🙂

Prada Barroque sunglasses are in my heart since I first saw them on a Vogue (yeah, I know it is so last season and I don’t think fashion is about season, so I don’t care). For me they are the kind of sunglasses that would be fashionable forever, and get the status of vintage easily. I just found myself caught in love.



Dare to be different



Since when inpiration needs to be a pattern? I have the impression creativity has reached a point where everyone follows the same line and people just don’t dare to be different. I was checking the Paris Fashion Week reviews on the internet to write a post, and I got the impression that every collection (and I’m talking about different designers) was pretty much telling the same thing. 

It seems like a dictatorship where everyone should wear the same thing. Is it really a good idea to get consultancy work from trend sites? How about the time where designers were inspired by their inner being and not getting the inspiration through reports? That is the real art for me.

On the mood of searching for the different, there was Beth Ditto who came to my mind again. I like this girl so very much! She is so original on the way she wears and how she sees herself to the world that she became a fashion icon and names such as Karl and Gaultier got inspired by her.. An average girl in her shoes, I’m talking about size and height, would be completly out of the “fashion circle” and for her, it just doesn’t seem to be a problem! It’s actually the last thing you think about her. 

Of course she is beautiful, talented and owner of a great taste, but what makes the world sees her as an icon, well, that was her attitude. So, if you feel like dying your hair red or green, and have a tattoo, I have one message for you: go ahead, be happy and keep the attitude as no Chanel bag or Louboutin’s shoes can make a low attitude girl stand up!