Shine shine like a star


Some people just don’t need hours and hours in the closet to look fabulous. They just wear a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket and it seems like they’ve spent hours and hours preparing that look. Why does it happen to some people and not everyone? Why some people would look like a bit sloppy in an outfit like that? It’s all about the personality. It is indeed what catch people’s attention. You may be wearing Chanel head to toe and nothing really happen, while some people may be wearing H&M or any other fast fashion brand and we have the impression all lights turn to them.

The girl in the picture is a great example. Look how classy she looks, wouldn’t you stare at a woman like that (in case you re a boy, you would of course, and girls too, because we do like to observe the pretty girls).

Milena de Barquin, Violin Player (The Violon Girl), Belgium.


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