The world at your feet


Louboutin himself has said that they are his favorite shoes, the coolest movie stars were caught in paparazzi photos wearing them during vacation time, nowadays you can find more than 80 models sold all over the world. Yes, we are talking about the great Havaianas.

You can choose from a very cheap model till a very sophisticated one with cristal stones sold in expensive stores such as The Galeries Lafayette.

The idea of wearing them is associated with Brazilian identity – youthful, happy, relaxed, stylish and most of all comfortable. We can create great looks wearing them, we don’t need to be trapped at the beachwear.

The very stylish girl in the pic can prove it well. Look at how awesome she looks in her clean look wearing her Havaianas.

Andrea Zigone, Interior designer and Visual Merchandiser – Búzios – Rio de Janeiro


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