When the moon is in the seventh house


The seventies. There you go, a decade I would have given everythig to have lived in. They were the most intense years of last century. Lots of amazing bands came up by that time, revolutions, new age, such a rich cultural mix and the result is a trend that influences us till today.

I love the time when Linda Mccartney was a keybord player at the Wings, and she just came up on stage with colorful socks, wearing sandals! I We check the catwalks nowadays and everybody is wearing socks with sandals, without the colors of course, but still, the trend is there.

What about the Paisley print?  It was brought by the first hippies who  were in India and   the fashion was spread in the United States. Since then, It ‘s everywhere and I don’t think it will go anywhere..

Of course, the cool thing about interpreting a seventies look is not to transform your look into a costume! You will risk to walk down the street and be seen as a lost cast member of the film “Hair“. So, mix one detail with modern things, such as a nice bag as the one in the picture,with jeans and a black normal shirt! Be careful, as seventies pieces tend to be a bit “over”, so don’t mix too many prints!

In the picture, we have the beautiful Emilia  performing on an artistic event. Love the way the old LPs are displayed and her hair band is way too cool!

Emilia Petrakis, French actress, Paris.


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