Charlotte Olympia is taking my breath away


Shoes have always been a fetiche article for women all around the world. Many will turn bankrupt as they need to have the latest pair of the most expensive brand, others have so many that can’t even count how many there are in their closet. Some will  sacrifice themselves physically for them, such as a group of chinese women, called the lotus feet women, who used to wrap their feet in bandages to have the smaller feet they could in order to look more attractive.

The story has changed a bit in the twenty-first century, but women are still crazy about shoes! And I’m in this club. One of the brands that have stolen my heart is the super Charlotte Olympia. She is best known for her huge elegant heels, but she is actually cracking my heart with her flats. Yes, there is nothing wrong with flats. You can look amazing on those. Don’t twist your nose, Audrey Hepburn looked great on them!

Her new Spring/Summer collection is called Oh la la. As the name says, it’s all about France, there are cute kittie flats, sandals with the Eiffel tower (and believe me, you won’t look kitsch…and if you do, who cares), and of course, for the addicted glamourous heels.

I just think the brand is super cool, and I guess the great personality of its creative director, Charlotte Dellal, can be seen in her creation! Can’t wait to get my pairs (those on the photo to be more accurate lol). Take a look at her


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